Collect and analyze the results


Send your voice message to hundreds of thousands of phones

Design the campaign

Create and schedule your broadcasting campaign

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Our AVM is the best tool to get more targeted leads for your business.

Deliver thousands of calls within minutes and reach the customer you need!

Design the campaign

Create and schedule your broadcasting campaign


Send your voice message to hundreds of thousands of phones


Collect and analyze the results


Automated Voice Messenger

Automated voice messages and voice broadcast is ideal for bulk lead generation.


An efficient and cost-effective way to reach subscribers. Fully customize communication by sending pre-recorded voice messages that are delivered to the recipient as a standard telephone call.

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AVM Features



Too many to call? We deliver your message when the client answers the phone.


Hot Transfer

Press 1 to talk to an agent NOW. We broadcast and connect the hot lead to you.


Call Prompt Customization

Our AVM solution is fully customizable, allowing you to create unique surveys.



Get to Know who is interested. We broadcast and capture the answers.


Full Report

Get to know what happened to every call, even the ones that didn't connect.


Billing Platform

Your credits loaded in 10 minutes through our online portal + Real-time itemized billing.

AVM VoiceMail Detection

Voicemail Detection

Accurate Voicemail detection and, if voicemail, drop a separate message after the beep or simply hang up.

Your New Marketing Tool In Steps:

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Create and Schedule


Broadcast your Message


Collect Results

Per second Billing

  • 1 second connected, 1 second paid

  • No non-sense per-message billing

  • Start as low as R0.011 per second

  • 100% Cloud, no hardware or software installations required

  • No monthly fees or any software/hardware purchase


Lead generation, Telemarketing, Call polling, Marketing, Political campaigns, and more.

Voice Broadcasting is a cost-effective and efficient way of talking to your existing customers and generating qualified leads - maximizing your call centre performance


Generate hot leads and maximize agent's productivity


Create your own survey, do market research and collect the results


Deliver the calls to your agents when your prospect presses one

AVM Advantages

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You can also mix this strategy with targeted social media campaigns to reach a larger audience.

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