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A full range of PBX Features and Benefits

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Make your business look bigger with an auto attendant. Auto Attendant is a powerful automated VoIP business service that replaces the need for a receptionist.

Ring Groups

A Ring Group is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. You can have several ring groups, configuring by department, office, etc.

Extension Dialing

Call anyone in your company just by dialing their extension number, even if they work in different locations.

Call Recording

users can record their own incoming and outgoing calls, play them back, download, or delete them.

Online Administration

Easy-to-use administration portal for setting up and configuring your phone system, setting up extensions, Auto Attendant, and Ring Groups and more. Or just give us a call and we set it up for you!

Number Porting

Bring your phone number with you when you switch to Othos.


Use our powerful business-class voicemail feature to view and listen to your voicemails online or access them by phone.

Call Pickup

Lets employees answer incoming calls for other group members/extensions

Activity Reports

With many options of filters to optimize your calls and
- Extension Summary - Call detail records - Active calls - and more...

International Number (DID)

Need a number for UK, Germany or USA? Choose numbers from over 90 countries! You dial from South Africa, and your international number is displayed.

Call Logs

Access detailed call records by extension or account.

Conference Call

You can hold unlimited audio conferences with coworkers, clients, and customers from around the world and 3 way calling for your multi-participant calls.

Unlimited Calling

Plenty of talk at affordable prices. Using Othos VoIP Business Phone Services for outbound calling substantially reduces phone bills.

Online Billing Portal

Buy airtime online anytime - 24/7 with our exclusive pre-paid platform. Our online control panel also allows you to download call reports - showing exactly everything that happened to a specific call - including cost.

Music on Hold

Plays recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold to give your business a professional edge.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

Get your phone extension to go... on your iPhone or Android!


Transform your computer into a feature-rich, web-based phone. Make, take and transfer calls, and more

Call Forwarding

You might want to forward calls one way if you’re on the phone, another way if you don’t pick up - customize it the way you want.

Call Transfer

Choose either warm transfer or cold (or blind) transfer. With warm transfer, you announce the call to the person you are transferring the call to. With a cold transfer, you send the call directly to the extension without announcing it.

Caller ID

With Caller ID, you can identify who’s calling before you pick up the phone. The number and name (if available) of the incoming call appears on your display

Call Waiting

You will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. You will then be able to put your current caller on hold and answer the new call. You can continue to alternate between parties as often as you’d like. It’s like having two lines while paying for only one!

Call Screening

Take complete control over who can reach your company. Take calls from particular callers, block specific numbers, and send others directly to voicemail.

PIN Code

Want to limit dialing out? Assign PIN codes!

Multiple In/outbound Numbers (DID)

Need multiple numbers for different departments? Not a problem! You can have multiple numbers with just one account! Need a number for the Sales Department? Need another number for your PE office? Never a problem!

Crystal Clear Voice

Digital high definition call quality. The perfect sound for your business.

Call Queuing

It places your callers in a queue or line while your agents or employees are busy with other calls. The queued calls are distributed to your next available agent in the order received, allowing you to serve your customers promptly, courteously, and efficiently.

Do Not Disturb

Put your telephone in a state that will not ring and calls will automatically be forwarded to voicemail (or to a busy signal if voicemail is turned off). Do Not Disturb (DND) is a great feature for when you are on a conference call, having an important conversation or just need to stop multi-tasking and focus.

Caller ID Blocking

Block (and unblock) your Caller ID on outgoing calls.

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