Today, VoIP is one of the

most popular phone solutions for offices - but, why?

Here is what you need to know


What is VoIP?

The technology behind VoIP converts your voice to digital packets, which are sent using the internet to their final destination.

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How does VoIP Work?


VoIP on the RISE

Why companies are switching to VoIP?


To reduce phone cost


Multiple locations/offices


Features and efficiency


To have better support


Still not sure what VoIP means? We are here to clarify. ☻


In order to try to simplify what VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) really is, let's go back to the time when people started using the Internet. As a free and open network that allowed people to share information with each other, the Internet was mainly used for transmitting static information from a web page. At that time, to make a call, a user would have to be connected to a traditional phone provider - which meant copper cables, limited access points, limited functionalities, and high rates. However, after some time, it became clear that instead of just passing static information, the Internet could be used to make calls. And that's where VoIP comes in, allowing anyone who is connected to a good a service provider, such as Othos Telecom, whether on their phones, mobile, laptop or desktop, to make a call using the Internet.

Now that you are an expert on everything about VoIP, start using Othos Telecom



Othos started in 2011 and we spent years studying the market needs to come up with the complete, affordable, hassle-free and customizable Cloud (Hosted) VoIP PBX that South Africans need. Innovation and quality run Othos to ensure the best and fastest service in the industry, with an unbeatable business model.


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