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Yealink offers a wide range of enterprise-grade IP phones, from Gigabit IP phones to touchscreen IP phones, covering all business and budgets environments. That includes a range of functions which not only support the way in which your business communicates with customers but also internally across divisional teams and departments.

Othos Telecom has a cost-effective and professional Voice and Data network concept and installation. Our staff has the knowledge to keep your voice and data traffic moving at the speed you need. Ethernet points, switches, routers and more.

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Finding an office VoIP phone solution to suit your business needs can become a bit challenging with the sheer amount of options you find out there. However, for us, this is an advantage!

Othos Telecom's team of experts has carefully developed the best VoIP telephony solution available in South Africa, which offers services and equipment for business users specifically designed for small, medium and large-sized business who need advanced telephony capabilities.

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