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Yealink SIP T-40G IP Phone

A feature-rich SIP phone that enhances daily interoperability and unifies communications for busy managers. 

Designed with a revolutionary new appearance, it supports flexible and secure provisioning (the phone utilizes industry-standard encryption protocols for users to provision and perform software upgrades both in-house and remotely), this advanced SIP-T40G IP phone is intuitively designed with ease-of-use in mind.

The T40G is also built with the Gigabit Ethernet for rapidly facilitating call handling, and its programmable keys help boast extensive productivity-enhancing features, like BLF, SCA, call transfer, etc. Meanwhile, equipped with the feature of Power over Ethernet (PoE), superb high definition (HD) sound quality and a rich visual experience.

The SIP-T40G IP Phone maximizes your personal productivity in a superior way.

HD Audio Quality Supports Opus Codec

Wall mountable

Revolutionary new design

Up to three SIP account

three-way audio conferencing

2.3”, 132 x 64 resolution Black & White LCD

Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet

PoE Support

Stand with two adjustable angles

Headset, Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) support

More features and specifications:

  • ​Volume control on the ear-piece, speaker and ringtone

  • ​​5 feature keys: message, headset, mute, redial, hands-free speakerphone

  • Simple, flexible and secure provisioning options

  • Paper label free design

  • Yealink Optima HD Voice

  • One-touch speed dial, call forward, call waiting, call transfer, call hold, auto answer, and DND

Yealink W52P is a cost-effective solution to bringing SIP Cordless Phone System to business. A flexible solution for small business that need plug and play wireless technology.

Is ideal for users who need in-office mobility, the signal pickup range from the base to the handset is 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors, which is more than enough for any business. The W52P utilizes industry standard DECT cordless technology for secure communications and the handsets offer exceptional HD sound quality. Talk-times of up to 10 hours is possible and the handset can be in standby mode for up to 100 hours before batteries need to be re-charged with the provided charging dock. 

Yealink W52P won’t just fulfill all your cordless phone needs; it’ll make every day calling an outright pleasant, engaging experience.

Stylish and modern

1.8″ color display screen with an intuitive user interface

The TFT color screen logs history of received/missed calls

Up to 4 simultaneous external calls

Integrated PoE (Class 1)

Full duplex speaker and HD headset support

The base can accommodate up to 5 additional cordless handsets and up to 5 VoIP accounts

HD audio quality

Desktop or wall mountable

More features and specifications:

  • 5 feature keys: call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, intercom, call transfer

  • They look great on any desk in the office

  • 10 hours talk time,
    100 hours standby time

  • Simple, flexible and secure auto-provisioning

Yealink W52P SIP - Based Cordless Phone

Yealink Entry-level - T21P E2

Thousands of customer choose the Yealink T21P VoIP phone due to its cost-effectiveness that maximizes productivity in both, small and large businesses. 

This affordable Yealink phone gives you Othos Telecom's powerful features with high-definition voice, privacy protection, and an easy-to-use on-screen interface. Simple, flexible and secure installation options, + support for IPv6, Open VPN, and a redundancy server. 

Two SIP account supports three-way audio conferencing

2.3”, 132 x 64 resolution Black & white LCD

2 paperless DSS keys Dual-color LEDs

Dual-port 10/100M Ethernet Switch PoE support

Support headsets

HD audio quality 

Desktop or wall mountable

Yealink’s T21P E2 takes entry-level IP phones to a level never achieved before.

More features and specifications:

  • Simple, flexible and secure provisioning options

  • An office phone with outstanding functionalities

  • 6 feature keys: message, headset, redial, Tran, mute, hands-free speakerphone

Yealink T48S IP Phone

The Yealink T48S is designed to handle demanding, integrated and dynamic business communications that executives and professionals need.

It's clearly primed for a call center type environment where the manager needs access to everyone's account. This phone incorporates a large touch panel that makes switching between different screens and applications swift and seamless. Yealink's Optima HD technology very carefully creates the impression that you are sitting virtually face-to-face opposite the person at the other end of the call. The T48S is also built for the Gigabit Ethernet, thereby facilitating very rapid call handling and the easy application of accessories like a Bluetooth USB Dongle and both wired and wireless VoIP headsets for phones. 


7", 800 x 480-pixel color touch screen with backlight

Scratch-Resistant Surface

User-Friendly Metallic Keypad

Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet

PoE Support

Adjustable Multi-angle Stand

Metallic Texture

Anti-tangle Cord

Wall mountable

The Yealink T48S IP Phone is a combination of a sleek and intuitive touchscreen interface with powerhouse features, easy navigation, and delightful aesthetic.

HD audio Quality Supports Opus Codec

USB 2.0

More features and specifications:

  • Rich visual experience

  • Up to 16 SIP accounts

  • Headset, EHS support

  • Paper label free design

  • Bluetooth via BT40

  • Supports expansion modules

  • Wi-Fi via WF40

  • USB recording

  • 7 feature keys: message, headset, hold, mute, transfer, redial, hands-free speakerphone

Other Yealink Tested and Certified Equipment

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