Say Goodbye to call rates. Othos Uncapped Package gives you the ability to pay a fixed fee per extension and forget about per minute call rates. 100% control of your monthly expenses, absolute freedom to call.

Uncapped calls to all SA destinations
Number porting
Put an end to high call rates
Unlimited calls per channel


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Talk as much as you want with Uncapped Calls 

Trusted by 500+  SA Businesses

Othos telecom has the trust of WBHO company.
Othos telecom has the trust of Supa Quick Company.
Othos telecom has the trust of Hi-Q company.
Othos telecom has the trust of Spec Savers company.

What is uncapped VoIP calling?

Not all business phone services are the same. Uncapped calling over VoIP assures no overages, surcharges, or tolls when calling any phone number in South Africa.
When businesses take advantage of unlimited VoIP calls, the only cost is a flat monthly fee for the phone service plan. 

Use Othos Uncapped Package to lower your communications costs. Forget about tracking your talk time and get to focus on closing deals and serving customers.

There's a plan for everyone. Mix and match to address your unique business needs in the most cost-efficient way. 

Unlimited VoIP calls benefits

Lower costs for your company by up to 60% compared to landlines.
Place calls from anywhere, including while working from home.
Slash your calling costs starting at a R149 per month*
Make and receive calls from a desk phone, computer, or mobile phone.
Never pay extra for business calls when you travel around South Africa.

*Exc vat – Ts&Cs Apply

The #1 Business Phone Service.


 unlimited calls per channel

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Become more efficient with business-critical features

Othos provides you with everything you need to run your business communications successfully at scale. From robust voice features and tools to powerful analytics and dashboards - Othos Telecom 

has you covered.

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Othos Phone System vs Old Outdated PBX

Maintenance Costs
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Zero Inital Costs
World-class Ongoing Support
Mobile Ready!
Low Call Rates
40+ Powerful Features
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High Maintenance Costs
High Inital Costs
No Ongoing Support
No Mobile Integration
High Call Rates
Limited Features
Single Office Only
Multi-Branch and Remote Extension
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Why are Companies Switching to Othos Telecom?

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We offer top VoIP phone system for companies of all sizes

To reduce

phone cost

Consumer-centric service
It works! And it works well!
Local service & support
World-class services with international standards
Reliable and stable Platform
Fast and transparent
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Features and


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Multiple locations/offices

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To have better


What our Customers Say


Carmen Potgieter – COO South Africa - Stratum.HK

“I am absolutely overwhelmed by the level of professionalism Othos has provided. It works really well, and they have the best support service I’ve seen in South Africa”

Tony Brown – VP Africa - Headset Solutions | Plantronics

“Othos has saved us an incredible 50% on annual telephone costs”

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Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Certification Licensed Provider


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Get the flexibility to make and receive calls through our Android or iOS mobile app and have instant access to your business phone extension, anywhere, anytime!

Make your smartphone your office extension

  • Answer calls to your office phone extension via your mobile device.

  • Transfer calls without asking customers to call another number.

  • Slash your company’s mobile phone costs.

  • Increase productivity and make sure you never miss a call again!