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Get Ready For Working From Home With VoIP

Othos gives you the ability to communicate with your customers and collaborate with your colleagues from anywhere, including situations where you need employees to work from home for an extended period. With our tools, you don’t need to be in your physical office to stay productive.

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Same number, different phone.

You can use your business line on your mobile phone.


Business ready.

Initiate call recording and transfer calls without asking customers to call another number.


Global reach.

Carry your office setup and extension with you anywhere.

Trusted by 500+  SA Businesses

Othos telecom has the trust of WBHO company.
Othos telecom has the trust of Supa Quick Company.
Othos telecom has the trust of Hi-Q company.
Othos telecom has the trust of Spec Savers company.

The COVID-19

As the news of coronavirus lockdown develops, you can make and receive calls remotely. Your Othos System is ready!

With Othos you have True Cloud Phone System. That means you can take your extension anywhere and run your business remotely from your Mobile App, softphone or take your deskphone home.

Our technology enables mobile teams and entire organizations to communicate effectively and stay productive while minimizing risks to health and safety.

*Stay informed about the Covid-19 on www.sacoronavirus.co.za


Othos Mobile App

Get the flexibility to make and receive calls from your business number through our Android or iOS mobile app, anywhere, anytime!

  • Othos Mobile App allows you to connect to team members, partners, and customers the exact same way you would from the office.

  • All the PBX tools are here. From call transfer to auto-attendant, time conditions and more

  • Dialing via the app will display your office number.

  • The app works with push notifications - that means you don't need to have it open to receive calls.

Software on your computer

The softphone works the same as the above smartphone app however it's an application that runs on your desktop/laptop computer and the user would need a USB headset to be able to use their PC as a phone with the software once installed.


Work smarter, not harder–with mobile office solutions

Allow mobile workers and remote offices to work with cloud-based information. Make employees as productive outside of the office as when they are in it and keep your professional presence consistent.

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Get the flexibility to work how and where you want, with the same capabilities you have on your IP phone and softphone. Othos keeps all your devices connected, so you're always ready to go.



Give customers easy ways to call you with local and national phone numbers.



Enable virtual teams and mobile workforce management. Seamlessly mobilize your workforce and allow for remote offices, home offices, or no offices at all.

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Protect your business and your employees with HD (high definition) call recording that complies with regulations.

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Seamlessly transfer calls answered on a mobile phone to your desk phone, or vice versa, without the other party knowing.



Keep the privacy of your employees' personal mobile numbers and protect their down-time with DND, office hours, and automated live-availability.

Why are Companies Switching to Othos Telecom?

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We offer top VoIP phone system for companies of all sizes

To reduce

phone cost

Consumer-centric service
It works! And it works well!
Local service & support
World-class services with international standards
Reliable and stable Platform
Fast and transparent
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Features and


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Multiple locations/offices

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To have better


What our Customers Say


Carmen Potgieter – COO South Africa - Stratum.HK

“I am absolutely overwhelmed by the level of professionalism Othos has provided. It works really well, and they have the best support service I’ve seen in South Africa”

Tony Brown – VP Africa - Headset Solutions | Plantronics

“Othos has saved us an incredible 50% on annual telephone costs”

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