Why your business needs a

Hosted Voice Solution?

You're at an internet café and get an important business call - on your laptop. You're on the road and receive an urgent voicemail - in your e-mail inbox. Your business has a phone number with a Joburg area code - even though your office is in Cape Town.


Welcome to the world of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). With VoIP service, your phone calls travel over the internet as data, just as e-mail does. This type of service can dramatically lower your telecommunications costs while increasing your productivity. It also provides useful features and capabilities that conventional phone technology can't offer.


Though VoIP is quickly gaining popularity, some small businesses are still on the sidelines, concerned that VoIP audio quality is substandard, that the technology is difficult or costly to implement, or that their phone service will be interrupted if their electricity goes out.


The truth is, VoIP's benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Here are the Top 5 Hosted PBX Features Perfect for Your Business!
plus tips for getting the most out of VoIP service.

1. Using Hosted VoIP PBX can significantly reduce your telecommunications costs.

Operating costs for VoIP service providers are significantly lower than for traditional phone companies, which must contend with the existing, expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure and costly industry regulations. With lower expenses, Hosted VoIP PBX providers can charge much less than their competitors.

2. Hosted VoIP PBX service makes your phone system highly flexible.

VoIP systems allow you to do things that are simply not possible with traditional phone technology. For example, you can:

  • Take your phone system with you. As long as you have access to a broadband connection, you can use your VoIP system anywhere, such as in a hotel room or at a friend's home. Customers and employees can stay in touch just by calling your regular business phone number--they don't need to call your cell phone, which means you can save precious cell phone minutes.

  • Talk on your laptop or smartphone. Othos Hosted Phone System includes telephony software that enables you to send and receive calls using a headphone/microphone unit connected to your computer or an app on your smartphone. This way you won't miss an urgent call from a client.

  • Get virtual phone numbers (DID)Your phone number can have any available area code, not just the one assigned to your region. For example, a business based in Pretoria could have a phone number with a Cape town area code - particularly advantageous if your business has (or wants) customers in Cape Town.

  • Increase productivity. Your new phone system can be configured to simultaneously ring on multiple devices - such as your cell and landline phones - before going to voicemail, thus eliminating time-consuming "phone tag."

3. Number Portability.

You can port your main geographical number and use it with VoIP and, as the system allows many simultaneous calls, you won't need multiple lines to make multiple calls, just one!

4. Scalable Solution. 

Othos Hosted Phone System is easy to scale up or down with minimal work and costs.

5. Automatic updates.

That means you will automatically have the best and the latest features and security measures. Always.

No matter the size of your business, Othos Hosted Phone System is a surprisingly flexible, affordable technology that offers the same, sophisticated communication tools your enterprise-size competitors have.

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