Put your phone system in the Cloud

Today's world is moving too fast to rely on the last century's phone technology. The cloud-based Othos PBX capabilities are ready for today's business.

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The smarter way to communicate

  • Enjoy phenomenal savings

    Save 40% or more on your monthly bill and up to 90% in deployment costs compared to traditional phone systems.


  • Go mobile

    Connect all your people, locations and devices with a single phone system.


  • Advanced phone features

    Auto Attendant, ring group, queues, call recording... 

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How does a Hosted PBX work?

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Hosted PBX allows small and medium-sized businesses to have sophisticated telecommunications without the huge initial capital expenditure required for traditional PBX systems.

To the user, a hosted PBX works just like a traditional PBX system - but with way more features and tools. Parties are reached through their phone extension number, interoffice communication can be done by simply dialing extensions, and callers are routed to the proper call recipient by dialing an extension, going through an auto-attendant feature, or being transferred. The difference with hosted PBX is that the core, or "guts" of the call control system are located elsewhere and are accessed over the internet. Hosted PBX is, in other words, a way to run a PBX phone system in the cloud.


  • Exclusive container setup - We don't put your company in a multi-tenant solution, your PBX is YOURS! 


  • Our systems are hosted at TERACO - Africa's best and largest  Data Centre


  • Geographic backups

Unite everyone under the same phone system

Because the phone service and features are delivered over the Internet, it’s simple to put all your employees under the same phone system - even if they work in different offices or from home. Simplify and save with one phone system and one monthly bill - that will also make inter-branch calls FREE!

Othos Hosted PBX Benefits

  •  Lose the big box and the big fees - No need to buy, lease, or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system at your office; your hosted PBX solution is delivered right over your Internet connection.


  • Save a lot - We usually save businesses about 50% off their phone bill and up to 90% off what it would cost them to invest in a traditional PBX system.


  • Talk on your laptop or smartphone. OurVoIP system includes telephony software that enables you to send and receive calls using a headphone/microphone unit connected to your computer or an app on your smartphone.


  • Get virtual phone numbers (DID). Your phone number can have any available area code, not just the one assigned to your region. For example, a business based in Pretoria could have a phone number with a Cape town area code--particularly advantageous if your business has (or wants) customers in Cape Town.


  • Integrate Offices - Distributed locations, office workers, home-based employees and traveling staff all share the same virtual PBX features; so no matter where they are located - interbranch/extension calls are FREE! which saves you a lot of money!


  • Take your phone system with you. As long as you have access to a broadband connection, you can use your VoIP system anywhere, such as in a hotel room or at a friend's home. Customers and employees can stay in touch just by calling your regular business phone number. 

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Take your business to the next level with our feature-rich Hosted PBX 

You get an amazing business phone system that works exactly like you would expect it to. But it’s virtual. All you need are phones and an Internet connection. Meanwhile, we own and manage all the hosted/virtual PBX equipment, software, and upgrades behind the scenes so you don’t have to. 

What's in it for me?

• Increased Productivity

A survey conducted by Sage Research found that internet telephony can increase employee productivity by up to 3.9 hours per week. With that kind of boost from hosted PBX features like “follow me”, your business can make your resources go further.

• Mobility

Hosted PBX allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device they choose. One device can even support two numbers, and business calls placed on the mobile can appear as if they came from the person’s desk.

• Save...a lot!

Save on call rates, monthly fees, line charges, extra features and more. Our Hosted PBX has all the features you need - from simple Ring Groups to Multi-branch auto-attendants with complex inbound queues.

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