How to setup your new Hosted PBX

Here is what you'll need to implement your new Hosted PBX. You'll save your company time and money in the long run.

Internet Connection

When adopting a hosted PBX solution, the first place to start is to test your internet connection and recognize bottlenecks it may have.


Since your call data is being transferred over the internet, it is also imperative to ensure your office has the proper level of bandwidth available to handle not only this information, but any other data being transferred from standard internet usage all around the office - upload speed is key to your phone call quality. Without proper bandwidth and upload speed to push the data out, your calls can suffer from jitters or interruptions.



You are going to need endpoints in order to register your extensions.


The endpoints can be any SIP-compliant devices such as:


- IP Phones: VoIP phones that connect to your network (either wired or wireless). These phones have a great number of features and the user experience is the same as with a regular phone.


- Softphone on computers: Install the application and configure the extension. It is that simple! (Tip: You might want to use a headset)


- Softphone on your smartphone: Download the app, configure the extension and start receiving/making calls.

Multiple locations - One system

One branch in CPT, another in Joburg and one in PE?

Not a problem, integrate all branches with one system and make free calls between extensions.

Get started

1- Define what you need

- How many extensions your company needs?

- Do you need specific calling features?


2- Assess your structure

- Is my internet connection good enough or do I need a better one?

- Do I need a new network?

3- Give us a call

- We will help you understand how it works


- New network? We can install the entire network for data and voice​ with the best connection available in your area

The last phone system you’ll ever need!

We take care of everything. We assess your network, develop the concept, install and maintain - so you can focus on your business!



Othos started in 2011 and we spent years studying the market needs to come up with the complete, affordable, hassle-free and customizable Cloud (Hosted) VoIP PBX that South Africans need. Innovation and quality run Othos to ensure the best and fastest service in the industry, with an unbeatable business model.


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